Hi there. I decided to do a thing. I’m launching a completely free group where I will not be selling and do not plan to accept payment to promote any products.

This group is for moms who want to explore supplements, herbs, foods and tricks to help maximize their physical and brain energy throughout their days in a comfortable environment where there’s no guru telling you ‘mainstream medicine is a scam’ or desperate MLM salesperson trying to sign you up for something. 

The topic of Nootropics has been heavily covered for other audiences, but it’s often written by and for a different lens – often kinda ‘male tech bro’. I’ve never seen nootropics discussed at deep length for nursing moms or menopausal moms who don’t have time/interest to listen to 30 minute podcasts on single ingredients and microdosing LSD.

This project is specifically tailored to people who are new to the concept and who want quick, simple, actionable things they can do to manage their energy. I’m not going to be presenting myself as an expert. I’ll be resharing research summaries and hopefully interviewing real experts on the topic but will also open up the space for women to discuss their personal experiences and talk about products in a sales-free space. 

How will I make money at this? Well – I’m seeing this as a side-side hustle at this point. I may enable ads on youtube videos or something to help cover costs but I am fitting this in between other things. I’m hoping to grow a large ‘family’ not an empire. 

If you’re interested in exploring the sometimes murky but often wildly helpful space of supplements and nootropics for brain and energy optimization (aka, if you have mom brain fog like me!) Nootropics Mom has a seat in the circle for you.

Your friend,

Rebecca (Becky) J. Tiffany